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We are an independent stocktake company based in High Wycombe providing professional Stocktake and inventory management  services to Post Offices, Convenience Stores, Grocery Shop, Off-Licences, News Agents, Stationers, Book Shops, DIY Shops, Pound Shops, Card Shops, Super Markets, Forecourts, Fashion Retailers, Retail and wholesale industries all over  United Kingdom. Whether you need annual or periodic stocktake we can deliver it. With over 20 years of stocktaking experience We pride ourselves in providing accurate and timely stocktake and inventory management services using inbuilt software and latest Technology. Our Professional Stock takers have been carrying out hundreds or stocktakes over the years. We understand every client is different so there is no one size fits all approach. We can cater to all your needs and produce customised reports for your business. The services we provide are Retail stocktaking, Electronic Stocktaking, Manual Stocktaking, Business Transfer Valuations and Supply Chain Audits.

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Our Specialization Services

Retail Stocktaking

Stocktake For Me have invested in bespoke software and latest HHT’s to carry out Retail Stocktaking. Our Professional Stocktakers Scan Barcodes of products using Handheld Terminals and Data is given in reports after Stocktake is Finished.

Warehouse stocktaking

Warehouse needs accurate Data to process efficiently. We support Warehouses and Factories to get ready for the count to increase efficiency. We conduct quarterly Stocktakes to make sure Their data is accurate.

Electronic Stocktaking

With latest Technology to capture data for speedy accurate and reliable results Electronic Stocktaking is best and cost effective.

Manual Stocktaking

Though Business prefer to do Electronic Stocktaking to have accurate inventory. But some business Still Prefer Manual Counts for their Inventories. If you prefer Manual Stocktake We can provide you with experienced and professional Stoctakers to make sure you get accurate Results.

Business Transfer Valuations

Whether you are vendor or buyer you can expect an unbiased accurate and honest valuation for business on day of transfer. We also provide all reports for Solicitors on Day of Stocktake. Our Professional Stocktakers have years of experience to conduct unbiased, accurate and Timely Evaluation.

Supply Chain Audits

Another area of risk is inventory management. When a business doesn’t transport or store inventory correctly, it can lead to inventory waste and shortages of the materials needed to complete orders. Having an undamaged stock and inventory is key to success. Stocktake For Me can help you track and maintain inventory.

Four points to Successful Stocktake

Four Points to Successful Stocktake

Our clients

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